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Leadership Academy Macedonia and Bulgaria, Stage 1, April 01-04, 2012

The international foundation Balkan Net (BN) and the National Association of Municipal Clerks of Bulgaria (NAMCB), supported by the Council of Europe and the Hanns Seidel Foundation implement the project LEADERSHIP ACADEMY, 2012. The workshop of the first stage took place from April 01-04, 2012 in Ohrid, Macedonia whereas the other two workshops shall be conducted in Bulgaria in the course of the year 2012.

On the first workshop, 25 members of the Macedonian municipalities and organizations participated out of which 16 were mayors.

Images of the first workshop from the project “Leadership Academy, 2012”


Project’s main target group are municipalities from Bulgaria and Macedonia and their representatives, such as majors and representatives from different sectors of the local governments, such as municipal local development specialists and managers, public relation officers etc. Associations and also NGO’s working closely with municipalities can also benefit from this project.

The LEADERSHIP ACADEMY, 2012 has a major goal to increase the cooperation between Macedonian and Bulgarian Municipalities in assessing their strengths and weaknesses and in finding the way for better and effective leadership. On these workshops, the participants will be also introduced to further thinking and practice of modern leadership and relation with their own municipalities. This will be possible by facing their own leadership approaches, using innovations, managing conflicts, understanding the leadership requirements for inner-municipal cooperation, using a modern approach to human resources management, using accountability and leading through emotional intelligence processes.

No matter how hard these modern leadership implementation and learning practices may look like, the LEADERSHIP ACADEMY, 2012 offers tailor made lectures and exercises conducted by four trainers and experts who possess the necessary experience and knowhow and are deeply involved in the leadership topics. They are as follows:

  • Mr. John Jackson – Lecturer of the Council of Europe for the leadership program and member of the international advisory council of NAMCB
  • Mr. Zdravko Popov - Mr. Popov is diplomat, former ambassador of Bulgaria in the Czech Republic (2006-2011) and currently chairman of the advisory board of Balkan Investment Consulting Agency and general manager of Public Affairs Consultancy and Management Ltd. Bulgaria.
  • Mr. Stanimir Kiskinov – Expert from NAMCB (National Association for Municipal Clerks of Bulgaria)
  • Mr. Valentin Lazarov – President of the NAMCB

The perfect leadership techniques are what matters for successful and positive governance in every aspect of life. Therefore, we invite you to participate on the three workshops in Ohrid, Macedonia and in Bulgaria.

The workshops of LEADERSHIP ACADEMY, 2012 take place in English and Bulgarian with consecutive interpretation in Macedonian.

To download the program and the application form, please, go to the following links:

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