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International workshop, “Municipal management and service and provision of services”, Bansko, Bulgaria, October 14-15, 2013



International workshop

“Municipal management and service and provision of services”

Bansko, Bulgaria, October 14-15,2013

1. Introduction

On October 14 and 15 participants (mostly Mayors) from 10 Macedonian municipalities participated in the international event financially supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation and organized by the international foundation Balkan Net and the Bulgarian association of municipal clerks. Guided by Mr. Bigdan Mircev, coordinator of the Hanss Seidel foundation for Bulgaria, Mr. Valentin Lazarov, head of the Bulgarian association of municipal clerks. Mr. Jean Stanoevski, president of the foundation Balkan Net, Prof. Yordan Botev, of the Sofia university and Mr. Christian Hartwig, international energy experts, participants debated on the following topics:

·         Heating with Biomass - Wood-Chip Heating Systems, possible project concepts with municipalities,

·         Municipal management as a public service. Accountability and responsibility, Expectations of municipal government’s activities,

·         Effectiveness, efficiency and economy in the provision of municipal services. Innovation and change in the provision of municipal services. Dissemination and implementation of best practices,

·         Label for good governance at the local level,

·         Practical issues on specific cross-border projects between Bulgaria and Macedonia.


2. Workshop Conclusions and Important Municipal Energy Issues 

On the second day of the event, municipal representatives drafted conclusions and came out with possible project recommendations in the energy sector. Furthermore, participating mayors accept the idea of introducing the project “Label for good governance at the local level” and with the financial and technical support of the organizers to work out a scheme for implementation of the project in 2014. The conclusions from the individual municipality representatives are listed bellow.

2.1 Municipality of Petrovec

Mayor: Borce  Mitevski

·         10.000 inhabitants populate a multi-ethnic municipality which is predominantly a rural municipality

·         The international Airport “Alexandre the Great” is on the territory of the municipality

·         Reconstruction of all primary and schools (6 regional schools) must be made

·         1.3 Mio. EUR loan from the WB for the largest school (approved by the MoF), energy efficient  building is constructed (heating with oil)

·         Possible project: to work out a concept of using biomass for the School “Koco Racin” (there exist a 20.000 sqm of free space, kindergarten can be constructed, 150 children need additional accommodation in kindergartens

·         Agricultural land was offered to investors to be used as industrial facilities (an Italian investor constructs a shopping mall of 10.000 sqm. 15.000 sqm in total is the area of the shopping mall. Where regional hospital shall be constructed), heating of the shopping mall must be clarified!

·         Turkish and Albanian investors are also active in the municipality

·         Waste water treatment plants are to be built for the facilities that are to be constructed

·         The Katlanovska Spa is possible project for cooperation with the Italian investor (cooperation did not)

·         1.100 light bodies in the territory of the municipality exist. 120 have been replaced so far. The rest is to be replaced

·         Location for a facility for the elderly exists. Construction possible.


2.2 Municipality of Rankovce

Mayor: Momcilo Alekosovski

·         Rankovce is a rural municipality with 4.140 inhabitants

·         The primary school, the sports hall and the kindergarten are heated with oil

·         30 -40 % of the windows in the municipal building and in the school are old

·         Fire protection building is heated with wood. Opportunity for biomass projects exist

·         the municipal building is heated with electricity, the municipality intends to switch on oil

·         No gasification yet (main national gas pipeline goes through the municipality)

·         Public lighting is obsolete. New system required

2.3 Municipality of Berovo

Mayor: Dragi Nadzinski

·         Berovo is home to 14.000 inhabitants in 8 villages and the city of Berovo (7000)

·         There are two central primary schools (Berovo and Rusinovo) and five other primary schools

·         In the village Dvoriste there is a trilateral project, whereas Berovo provides the steam facility and the space for the chips. The project is going well. The school was renovated with thermal insulation and new windows and the savings are huge (over 50%). The example of Dvoriste is to be implemented in other villages, by collecting of the biomass in the forests

·         Fossil fuel shall be removed from the heating

·         Berovo is the richest municipality in forest fund in MK

·         Best benefits are the cleaning of the biomass in the forests if collected and where forests are protected

·         Public lighting is exchanged step by step

·         Municipal building uses fossil fuel and heats also the branch offices of the ministries!

·         Project Idea: Heating of it with “chips”. Branches of wine/ branches can be used for heating as well

·         Exchange of windows made in several schools. Primary school in Rusinovo needs new windows

·         Municipality is open for other possibilities


2.4 Municipality of Delčevo

Mayor: Darko Sehtanski

·      Delcevo has 18.000 inhabitants, two primary schools, in which currently a cross-border project is being implemented.

·      The kindergarten is renovated with the support of the UNDP

·      Another school is waiting for reconstruction

·      Heating in the schools is still with oil. Biomass can be taken into consideration and possible concepts can be created

·      Public lighting: PPP project exists, however the contract is very damaging for the municipality.

The lights, too expensive under current contract. Court process ongoing for solving of this issue.


2.5 Municipality of Kumanovo

Municipal secretary: Valentina Aleksovska

·      Kumanovo is the largest municipality and is home for 110.000 inhabitants

·      It is a multi-ethnic municipality with four official languages (Macedonian, Albanian, Roma and Serbian)

·      The law on energy efficiency requires a program which was approved by the line ministry and should be accepted

·      The are 61 municipal facilities in total (15 primary and 6 secondary schools)

·      Measures are undertaken in capacity building, determination of the potential of EE

·      Exchange of lighting in several schools is recommended

·      Gasification of public facilities (11) is ongoing and all is invested by the budget of the municipality

·      In 2012 there have been 444.000 kW of savings (in money terms: 2.340.000 MKD)

·      In 2013 Gasification, public lighting energy saving planned of 1.893.000 kWh (1.6 Mio. MKD)

·      Exchange of windows in schools, roofs and lights is ongoing, no financial support yet form outside.

·      Five buildings/facilities for kindergartens with over 90% exceeding of the capacities, there are 500 children on the waiting list (multi-ethnic composition). There exist private locations for KG. Lack of money to purchase these areas. 2 KG at least. Construction of schools is also needed.

·      Needs in terms of biomass: Capacities are to be taken into consideration first (schools in the villages)

·      There is a very old school in town in the framework of the technical school (everything is missing there!). List exists which is part of the program in details for every school. Exchange of façade and windows needed in the library

·      Approx 20 Mio. in 2012 have been invested by the municipality


2.6 Municipality of Kratovo

Mayor:  Mite Andonovski

·         Kratovo has 10.500 inhabitants

·         Gasification is currently taking place. Best options – gasification for all municipal facilities. PPP needed for this project

·         In the education with the assistance of donors with the USAID and WB several schools have been renovated. In rural areas further support is needed. Two schools in Kratovo need renovation. Heating system on oil. Replacements possible.

·         In the area of public lighting PPP possible

·         In wind and solar energy there is potential to implement projects with PPP

·         Kratovo has an approved program on energy efficiency. The program will be put at disposal

2.7 Municipality of Karbinci

Mayor: Zoran Minov

·         Karbinci has a population of 4012 and covers a territory of 265 sq km

·         There ara forests remainders in large quantities on the territory of the municipality

·         The municipal building is rather small, and the school building are with limited capacities. The central school is heated with oil. There was an option for switching to other resources. Heating facilities on forests remainders is possible to cover the needs of 80.000 inhabitants. The costs for this project are estimated at 2,5 Mio €. Entire municipality and the city of Stip and the green houses can be heated with the energy generated by such a project.

·         Schools are regularly renovated. Windows in the school of Krupiste have been exchanged.

·         Next month the Kindergarten is to be constructed. With Strumjani cross-border project is approved. Heating can be taken into consideration with wood chips!

·         Public lighting is to be exchanged

·         Solar collectors are constructed now

·         Investors are interested for purchase of areas for solar energy

·         Wind potential exists

·         Green houses exist. Heating facilities on biomass have been constructed. It is very efficient and economically viable


2.8 Municipality of Češinovo – Obleševo

Mayor: Kostadin Lickov

·         The municipality covers an area of 133 sq km and is populated by 7.800 inhabitants

·         There are 2 primary central schools in both villages (8 village schools)

·         Both schools have been thermally insulated. Heating on pellets introduced with the support by a project financed by the Polish Embassy

·         Thermal insulation and exchange of windows in municipal building done

·         Rice and rice remains as energy source is possible. Discussions held with possible investors are ongoing.

·         Thermal waters capacities are huge in the municipalities, incl. spa treatment

·         20 ha of areas are offered for solar panels to investors

·         Project on saving lighting  in PPP possible

·         Other energy efficiency potential exists

2.9 Municipality of Negotino

Mayor: Vanco Apostolov

·         Negotino has 20.000 inhabitants

·         There are 2 central plus 8 regional primary schools and one secondary school.

·         City library, KG with two clones, Museum of the city

·         EE: Municipal building covers agencies and offices of the ministries

·         Major energy resource is oil. Primary schools use up to 35 t of oil. Something must be undertaken to change the source

·         Negotino hopes that the gasification can provide lots of possibilities.

·         Remains of wine yards can be taken as a source (it is not used currently). Transport and distribution may be a problem. How to collect it is the main issue? Such project can be implemented.

Support is needed in this area. Grants can be accepted, also co-financing possible.

·         Exchange of windows, doors and roofs needed in several schools

·         Lighting: Project on replacement of existing lights exists. Kavadarci has implemented such project. Savings are huge.


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