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On June 16-19, 2015 with support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation NAMCB and Balkan Net organized the international conference on the innovation strategy and 'good governance at local level.

The Strategy

Strategy for Innovation and Good Governance should encourage joint action by the central and local governments to improve the quality of governance at all levels, starting from the level that is closest to citizens where strongly and effectively rooted democracy is essential .


Good governance is a requirement for all levels of public administration. At the local level, it is of fundamental importance because local government is closest to the citizens and provides them with basic services for their life, and at that level they can feel clearly belonging to take action for the benefit of society as a whole.


The main goal of the Strategy is to mobilize and stimulate action by stakeholders at national and local level, so that the citizens of all European countries benefit from good democratic governance by constantly improving the quality of local public services, engagement of the population in society and policies that meet their legitimate expectations of the people. The strategy consists of 12 principles for good governance which have been presented during the event in Pomorie.

Immediate objectives

In pursuit of the main objective, the Strategy has the following three objectives:

1. Citizens are placed at the center of all democratic institutions and processes;

2. Local authorities constantly improve their governance in accordance with the 12 Principles of good governance;

3. Member to create and maintain the institutional preconditions for the improvement of local government, based on existing commitments under the European Charter of Local Self-Government and other standards of the Council of Europe.

Conclusions and future steps

Since 2015 Macedonian municipalities from the eastern region have started participating in joint events in order to gain and exchange experience with Bulgarian municipalities on the strategy. The event in Pomorie organized by NAMCB and Balkan Net marks the starting point of this action. On it, 6 mayors from the municipalities of Kratovo, Kriva Palanka, Karbinci, Pehcevo, Berovo and Staro Nagoricane actively participated and got acquainted with the principles of good governance on local level. At the end of the event it was concluded to organize promotion of the local good governance program in Berovo under the auspices of the mayor of Berovo in September, 2015. 






1. Video from June 17, 2015 on TV Sitel, Republic of Macedonia


2. Video from June 17, 2015 on TV Iris, Republic of Macedonia


3. Video from June 18, 2015 on TV Iris, Republic of Macedonia


4. Video from June 18, 2015 - original statements in Bulgarian and Macedonian language

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