Leadership Academy 2018 – Module 2, Budva, Montenegro

Balkan Net in cooperation with its partners Constan Ltd. and the National Association of Municipal Clerks in Bulgaria (NAMBC), supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation and the Council of Europe already 5 years have been implementing the project "Leadership Academy". In the framework of this project 17 workshops were held in Macedonia and Bulgaria! The Leadership Academy was initially oriented toward municipal representatives and mayors, in order to improve their leadership skills and to facilitate cross-border inter-municipal cooperation between municipalities in Bulgaria and Macedonia.

This cooperation resulted with numerous suggestions and new projects where the results of the performance of the trainings within the project "Leadership Academy" can be seen. In 2016, target groups of the project were representatives of the inspection departments of the municipalities, other municipal representatives, civil society organizations and NGOs etc. This means that the program was tailored to this target group and included new content and materials.

In 2018 a new project is being implemented in Montenegro. The participation in the "Leadership Academy" enables the participants to acquire new knowledge and skills in the area of ​​leadership and opportunities for cooperation with other relevant organizations. Module I of this project was organized in Bar in Montenegro from 08 – 12 of October, whereas more than 20 people took active participation on it, among which mayors, presidents of municipalities, managers of public communal enterprises, members of municipal councils from Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria.

During the training which was executed by Mr. Jean Stanoevski, professional leadership trainer, certified by the Council of Europe, the following topics were elaborated within the numerous interactive sessions:

-       Communication,

-       Presentation and public speech,

-       Leadership in the local self-government,

-       New approach to the leadership,

-       Motivation and understanding of personal leadership,

-       Time management,

-       Soft skills and emotional intelligence,

-       Leaders through history etc.



-          I am pleasantly surprised with the training programme, especially the trainer Mr. Zhan Stanoevski who gave his maximum.  

-           Excellent trainer, rich content.j.

-           The training fulfilled my expectations and everything is clear now.

-           Excellent training.

-           Excellent training concept and excellent trainer.

Pictures from the training: